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  • Type Specimen

    Eurostile Role Graphic Design & Print When 2013 A type specimen booklet based on my favourite geometric sans-serif typeface Eurostile. It is a very clean font that gives off a futuristic sci-fi vibe, so I wanted the booklet to match that design aesthetic – while also showcasing the words of great philosophers.

  • Joan

    Joan Role Typeface Design & Letterpress Typeface Design & Letterpress When 2013 2013 A final showcase piece for my final year of college, and a project I am proud of. Joan is a¬†latin condensed slab serif¬†font designed by me and based on the typeface Birch. With the help of my dad’s carpentry skills, we created wooden letter press blocks to create […]

  • Simperia

    Simperia Role Web & Product Design Web & Product Design When 2018 2018 Simperia is a lifestyle e-commerce website featuring multiple health, fashion, and wellness brands including their own brand Orillus. Simperia had their branding and colours available for use but needed a WordPress website to show off their products and blog including imagery that would reflect the lifestyle theme. Along […]

  • Kryptonight

    Kryptonight Role Graphic & Web Design Graphic & Web Design When 2019 2019 Brought together by Toronto’s technology experts, Kryptonight wanted a website that would highlight the previous Crypto event they hosted, as well as get the word out about their next event. This website needed to be done within 2 weeks including branding, so we went for WordPress for an […]

  • Blockthrough

    BLOCKTHROUGH Role Branding & Web Design Branding & Web Design When 2017 2017 A market leader in adblock revenue recovery helping the world’s largest media brands. They had their logo and colour elements of branding, but needed to further their presence online with a consistent theme and a new website. A WordPress website was created within a 2 week deadline. Vector […]

  • Snap

    SNAP Role Graphic Design & UI Graphic Design & UI When 2020 2020 The main goal for Snap was to design an authentic message and interaction for the user on the admin side, while matching the branding visuals to pull new clients in. The admin system already existed, but a version 2.0 streamlined version of Snap with creative elements needed to […]